Councils, committees and boards

A number of councils, committees and boards at the Faculty contribute to ensuring consultancy, co-involvement and dialogue regarding academic, research and education and administrative issues.























The Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee has representatives from SCIENCE’s 12 institutes, the SCIENCE Innovation Hub and the faculty’s management. The chairman is associate dean for Private and Public Sector Services. The committee’s task is to contribute to increased innovation and entrepreneurship in the faculty’s research, education and external relations, as well as to advise the faculty’s management on these topics.

Contact: Senior Consultant Pia Fredberg Nielsen




















The SCIENCE Digitalisation Council is an advisory body set up to help exploit the many opportunities afforded by digitalisation through visionary proposals and recommendations. This work applies to research, academic programmes, career preparedness, communications and administrative operations. The Council will also contribute to ensure that the faculty makes all necessary digital investments.

The primary aim of the Council/Board is to focus on the shaping of our academic programmes to ensure that we remain at the digital forefront without losing sight of the university’s core activities: research, research-based programmes and external collaboration.

Contact: Kathrine Stenderup-Jensen