Science Shapes Our Future

The faculty's researchers conduct ground-breaking research and publish scientific articles that ensures that the University of Copenhagen retain its position as one of the best universities in the world and one of the absolute best in Europe

At SCIENCE - University of Copenhagen, we pursue excellence as well as curiosity across research, education, and collaboration. Our focus is on creating meaningful global change by addressing challenges and providing targeted solutions an breakthroughs.

Through innovation and an interdisciplinary approach, we aim to tackle complex issues and drive development in our research areas.

The faculty's research environments holds considerable academic weight and contributes with a high scientific impact. Groundbreaking basic research goes hand in hand with the implementation and application of the research results, and contributes to solving a number of the major challenges facing our society. 

Lise Arleth, Associate Dean for Research

Research areas at SCIENCE

Explore the essence of our research at SCIENCE, University of Copenhagen (UCPH) through these five core narratives. Delve into the 'why, 'how', and what' that drives us. You will also find a (not exhaustive)  list of links under each area that leads to examples of the research centres, research news, publications and infrastructure from and at the faculty's departments and sections.




















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