External Relations

Interaction with society is a key activity at SCIENCE. The knowledge produced at the Faculty must be transferred to society and the business community and, thus, contribute to solving global challenges.

We want to be the preferred partner when enterprises, consultants, authorities and organisations involved in science-related activities seek knowledge and cooperation at the highest level.


Strategic partnership

A strategic partnership with us means that you as an enterprise, public sector or organisation will cooperate with us within a given field and will come into contact with the Faculty's researchers and students across departments.

The partnership will be based on common interests, and apart from giving you a number of network options, including meetings with leading researchers, participation in SCIENCE's Company Day and meetings with other strategic business partnersmay.

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Student contact

SCIENCE has 9,000 full-time BSc and MSc students and 1,100 PhD students. The Faculty attracts the best students from around the world by having an international study environment offering world-class study programmes. Our ambition is to continuously develop the study programmes in close dialogue with the business community, relevant organisations and authorities.

Throughout their studies, the students must be given the opportunity to cooperate with relevant enterprises. Examples include using business cases as basis for assignments and theses, guest lectures and cases, enterprise visits, innovation projects, boot camps and long-term projects for students in enterprises, public sector or organisations.

A close cooperation between students and the business community will give you as an enterprise a unique platform for recruitment, academic assessment of specific problems and efficient knowledge transfer. In addition, it will give our students an insight into how theory is applied in practice.

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At UCPH Projects & Jobs you can find and upload jobs and projects. Access UCPH Project & Job network here.

Read here about upcoming matchmaking events for students and private and public enterprises

Considering a thesis collaboration with a SCIENCE student?
Read about the framework for a thesis collaboration: Framework for thesis collaboration.pdf

Commercialisation of research results

SCIENCE actively promotes technology transfer, research dissemination and mutual knowledge exchange between the public and the private sector with a view to commercialisation of advanced research and generation of spin-off effects from the University.

We strive to provide flexible management of IPR at the University of Copenhagen to ensure that the formal cooperation agreements focus on knowledge transfer. The University of Copenhagen has developed the Easy Access IP concept, through which enterprises and individuals are given free licensing agreements for selected inventions and technologies.

If you have any questions about commercialisation or would like to discuss a specific project with us, please contact the University of Copenhagen's Technology Transfer department – or the Faculty's lawyer

Research-based public-sector cooperation

Public-sector cooperation is an important part of the Faculty's cooperation with the surrounding world. The research-based public-sector cooperation stems from the need to have reliable and unbiased knowledge as input for socially related decisions. The clients in this cooperation are typically ministries, agencies, international organisations, regions, municipalities etc. The research-based cooperation comprises, among other things, research, consultancy, investigations, monitoring, the obligation to provide particular services, risk assessment and participation in committees and councils in connection with political decision-making processes.

SCIENCE has an academically wide scope as well as candidates, PhDs and research and education competencies of great relevance to authorities, both nationally and internationally. We are located in a strategically important position in the Oresund region, which means that we are close to relevant ministries, agencies and regional authorities.

Through a close dialogue on the Faculty's research and concrete research cooperation, SCIENCE is a proactive and serious partner for authorities and organisations.

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Enterprise-specific supplementary and further training courses

SCIENCE offers to customise a unique course for your enterprise.

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