SCIENCE Alumni Network - so long

SCIENCE Alumni Network

At SCIENCE, we don’t say goodbye, but rather see you again. As part of the SCIENCE alumni network, you’ll have a lifelong affiliation with your university, academic inspiration and the opportunity to meet new and old fellow students.


The SCIENCE alumni network gives you the opportunity to take part in various alumni activities and get updates on new research in different departments, degree programmes and on societal trends. SCIENCE puts on annual half-day events based on interdisciplinary themes, such as sustainability. Also, some departments will arrange activities in selected subject areas, which will give you insight into new research areas in your discipline.



The SCIENCE alumni network is for those who have studied at one of the departments at SCIENCE and have completed at least one Bachelor’s degree. The network is established with the aim of supporting local activities at the departments, and as an alumnus, your membership will be at the department level.


If your department does not have an independent alumni network, you can follow SCIENCE’s alumni events on this page.

You can also sign for the alumni association at the University of Copenhagen.

Departments with independent alumni networks