You can apply if you meet the following preconditions: 

  • You are currently a PhD student at UCPH
  • You have a research idea, an interest or just a problem that can be explored commercially
  • You are interested in learning about entrepreneurship and are eager to explore the local startup ecosystem
  • You believe that an interdisciplinary approach to one's research will take one to the next level

If you doubt whether your idea and research project fits the program it is a good idea to book a meeting with us and talk to your supervisor about it.  




In the online application form you will be asked to describe, and fill out, information about the following:  

  • Basic contact details  
  • Research area 
  • Your idea
  • Impact 
  • Motivation 

We wish to include and welcome different types of ideas from various research backgrounds and in different stages. If you have trouble answering a question, just do your best – we are looking for potential, not perfection.  



First of all, when screening your application we will check if you meet the preconditions for applying (see How do I know if I am eligible for applying?)

Most importantly, we will do our best to make sure PATHWAYS is a good fit between the participant and the program.

We will assess the applicants meeting the preconditions based on:

  1. The idea- and impact potential
  2. Research relevance
  3. Motivation

We will ask the following questions, when reading through the applications:


  • Is the idea described in a clear understandable way?
  • Is there a need for the idea/a problem to be solved?
  • Has the applicant reflected upon market potential and/or possible customers/users?
  • Is the participant aware of which local/global challenge(s) the idea potentially can contribute to solving?


  • Is there a clear connection between research area/results and the proposed idea?
  • Does the applicant propose a research relevant method or technology, or an appliance of relevant research knowledge to solve the problem/execute the idea?
  • Does the applicant’s supervisor support the idea and program participation?


  • Does the applicant show personal engagement and motivation to participate in the program?
  • Is the applicant able to participate with full availability throughout the duration of 7 weeks the program will last?
  • Has the applicant reflected upon what kind of support, and which progression and/or new skills they would like to get from the program?





You will receive a confirmation by mail once we have received your online application.
If you are selected you will be invited for at “final fit interview” in person ( in May), where we will get a chance to get to know each other better and align expectations.  
In May 2024 you will receive a notification of your acceptance into the PATHWAYS programme by mail along with a warm welcome and onboarding information.   



You can read more about the program elements here.

The workshops and program content has not yet been finalised as we want to make sure the content fits the reality of the selected participants and their research-based ideas.  



Book a meeting with us and we will help prepare you for a conversation with your supervisor. 
The leader of the PhD school, Lise Arleth, has initiated the PhD vision project, which PATHWAYS is a part of. Lise Arleth therefore supports the new concept for change of scientific environment, and all departments at the faculty of SCIENCE have been notified about the PATHWAYS programme and it’s legitimacy.  



The program starts in the fall of 2024 and is a fulltime 7 weeks program where you will start and end in a cohort with fellow PhD students. 


Yes the study trip is mandatory and will last one week. The destination will be one of Innovation Centre Denmark’s locations:

  • Bangalore
  • Boston
  • Munich
  • Seoul
  • Shanghai
  • Tel Aviv
  • Silicon Valley

We do not yet know which of the locations we will travel to since this will depend on the relevance for the selected PhD students participating in the first PATHWAYS programme. 






For now, the maximum capacity of PATHWAYS is set at 20 participants.




Reach out to us here. We are very open for feedback, and there are no stupid questions so please get in touch and ask.