PATHWAYS is a new unique change of scientific environment for all UCPH PhD students focusing on commercialization of research. Pathways is connected to the PhD School at SCIENCE.
It will run as a cohort based 7-week full-time Change of Environment (also called research or external stay) focusing on entrepreneurial methods and development of an impactful and marketable research based idea. It takes place in Copenhagen, with a study trip to one of Innovation Centre Denmark’s locations and startup communities abroad. 

You can expect: 

  • A tailor-made learning environment based on the 'Design Thinking Method'.
  • A scientific learning environment for innovation.
  • Equip you with the right network inside and outside of academia.
  • Enable you to become part of a startup ecosystem.
  • An opportunity to test, prototype and communicate your research.
  • Build on your knowledge and structure this in new ways. 
  • Cross disciplinary peer-to-peer mentoring.

Important dates 2024

Now: Show of interest 
30 April: Application deadline  
April/May: Final fit interviews  
April/May: Acceptance notice / Welcome onboarding info (mail)  
September: Basecamp (kick off meting) 
21st of October: Program start date (physical, in Copenhagen)  
Week 49: Study trip (abroad)  
January 2025: Final program meeting 

We accept applications on an ongoing basis, and we have a maximum capacity of 20 participants
Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We would be happy to welcome you to Pathways.

Pathways group 2023

What the participants from PATWAYS 2023 said: 

Building start-ups was a black box. In PATHWAYS we bring flashlights and show parts of the box making it approachable"Louise Petri, PhD student at Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences

It has been an amazing challenge to learn about the business mindset. As a humanities researcher, I am used to focusing on challenges and problems, so to get to talk about solutions and commercialisation has been such an interesting change of focus"Johanne Kirkeby, Phd student at Department of English, Germanic & Romance Studies

“It has given me a great overview of the world outside of research and how I could apply it to my own research in new, innovative ways"Miguel Ángel Salinas García, PhD Student at Department of Biology

The wall is down! Business is not so scary any longer. They cannot learn chemistry, but I can learn business"Shriaya Sharma, Phd student at Department of Chemistry