Research centres

Each year the many splendid researchers at the Faculty recieve a number of great and prestigious grants for financing research. This results in a broad array of research centres, which all deliver research of a high international quality. More than 40% of the Faculty's yearly budget, which is about 3 billion Danish kr., is financed by external grants and fundings.

The following definition of centres has been established at SCIENCE:

  1. The faculty's centres must be based on external or internal grants where the grant giver has triggered the funds as a centre grant, or
  2. The faculty's centres must have external or internal grants of more than DKK 18 million over three years, or DKK 25 million over a five-year period, and
  3. The faculty's centres must already have a defined start and end date when it is set up.

Researchers at SCIENCE have received a number of prestigious ERC grants, which are shown in the list below, even though they are not actual centre grants.