Research e-infrastructure

A solid e-infrastructure is an essential part of the research of the future, which is becoming increasingly digital. Our researchers work with huge amounts of data that must be stored, calculated, analysed and shared in a secure manner. For this reason, SCIENCE has invested a lot in offering our researchers a world-class research e-Infrastructure. 

At SCIENCE, we have several areas that focus on development, operation and consultancy related to the storage, sharing, calculation and analysis of research data. All of this means that our researchers and partners are in the best possible position to work with data.







Cooperation with DeiC

The University of Copenhagen collaborates with the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeiC), which coordinates the access of universities to national and international supercomputers. With access to a supercomputer, it is possible to carry out complex calculations of research data.

Among other things, researchers at the University of Copenhagen have access to the Danish Computerome 2.0 supercomputer. Research Support in UCPH IT advises on and provides access to Computerome 2.0.

Hear the experiences of a Computerome 2.0 user

Many SCIENCE researchers have already taken advantage of this opportunity. One of them is Tobias Tandrup, who is a research assistant at the Department of Chemistry.