Elements of PATHWAYS


    • Match w. mentor
    • Industry visits
    • Connect w. external speakers
    • Facilitated social events with peer PhDs
    • Invitations to ecosystem activities



    • Individual plan for progress and outcomes
    • Work on research project related idea and get an applied new perspective
    • Cultivate a creative mindset
    • Identify personal strengths and missing skills/know how



    • Collaborate and spare across research fields
    • Learn to use entrepreneurial methods & models
    • Practice presenting and pitching in nonacademic contexts



    DURATION: 1 week.


    • Networking events & dinners
    • Introduction to local startup eco system
    • Relevant company visits
    • University visit, meet with relevant department and research groups
    • Visit accelerator, business parks and corporate incubators
    • Attend talk/conference
    • City tour

    PAYMENT: Travel & accommodation. 


    The destination will be one of Innovation Centre Denmark’s locations:

    • Bangalore
    • Boston
    • Munich
    • Seoul
    • Shanghai
    • Tel Aviv
    • Silicon Valley

    We do not yet know which of the locations we will travel to since this will depend on the relevance for the selected PhD students participating in the first PATHWAYS programme. 


    Reasons to spend your change of environment in PATHWAYS: