The Regular PhD programme (5+3)

Regular PhD students that enter through the standard 5+3 entry - after finishing a MSc programme - have 3 years of full time PhD studies (180 ECTS).

In order to be awarded the PhD degree, you must complete the PhD studies, write a PhD thesis based on a research project and defend the thesis successfully.

PhD studies must contain the following:

  • The PhD project. An independent research project carried out by yourself under proper supervision.
  • A PhD thesis. Submission of the PhD thesis concludes the PhD studies.
  • Courses at an adequate scientific level (approved by the PhD School of SCIENCE) corresponding to a total course load of 6 months (~30 ECTS).
  • Change of scientific environment. You must plan an extended visit for a period of 3-6 months, preferably at a foreign research institution. In some cases, however, the duration may be shorter and the research institution may be stiuated in Denmark. The institution cannot be a part of University of Copenhagen.
  • Participation in science communication, teaching and/or other outreach programmes. The primary aim is to communicate the outlines and main findings of your PhD project to scientific and non-scientific communities.

Read the Faculty PhD Rules here.