About the PhD study

The PhD study at SCIENCE consists of a number of central elements:

  • A research project under supervision
  • Course work
  • Participation in science communication, e.g. teaching
  • A change of scientific environment, preferably a stay abroad
  • Writing and publicly defending your PhD thesis before a panel of experts

A Research Project under Supervision

Your research is the most important activity during your years as a PhD student at SCIENCE. The main outcome of your PhD studies is an independent research project carried out by yourself under supervision from one or more supervisors. All PhD students have a principal supervisor and most students also have a secondary supervisor. The principal supervisor must be a permanent staff member at SCIENCE.

Course Work

As a PhD student you must pass courses equivalent to approximately 30 ECTS credits relevant to your research project. The courses are mostly Danish or international PhD level courses and are a mix of specialized and generic PhD courses.
You can read more about the PhD courses offered at SCIENCE on our PhD course site.

Dissemination and Teaching

It is important that PhD students gain experience in teaching and/or other forms of communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge. The teaching and communication components must not exceed 280 hours per year for a full-time PhD student.

Change of Scientific Environment

As part of the PhD study you must experience a change of scientific environment. We strongly recommend that this is a stay abroad. A stay abroad can contribute to the research project and/or PhD courses.

Writing and Defending your PhD Thesis

Your PhD thesis documents your ability to complete a research project using the scientific methods of your discipline and it should be an original contribution to international research. Typically a thesis contains a synopsis and a number of peer-reviewed publications or manuscripts. The thesis is defended in a public forum before a panel of experts within your own field.

Read more about the components and rules of the PhD study at SCIENCE in the 'Faculty PhD Rules'.