Double Degree

PhD students enrolled at foreign universities now have the option of entering into a double degree programme with the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.

The double degree is based on a cooperation agreement between the two universities securing the framework of the double degree PhD programme. At the end of the PhD programme, the PhD student will receive two PhD diplomas, one from each university.

There are two types of double degree:

  • SCIENCE is the host university: the primary enrolment is at SCIENCE
  • SCIENCE is the partner university: the primary enrolment is at another university

The double degree scheme is not available for candidates enrolled on an integrated MSc/PhD scheme, e.g. 3+5 scheme. You can read more about the specific rules and regulations in the guidelines and agreements below. 

SCIENCE as Host University

The PhD student is enrolled as other PhD students at SCIENCE and must fulfill the same obligations as other PhD students at SCIENCE. A cooperation agreement must be in place with the partner university and the PhD student must have a co-supervisor from the partner university and must complete a stay of at least six months at the partner university.

Guideline for Double PhD Degree - SCIENCE as host Revised
January 2016
Collaboration Agreement on a Double PhD Degree - SCIENCE as host Revised 
July 2023

SCIENCE as Partner University

To be considered for a double degree with SCIENCE as partner university, the PhD student must, among other things, complete a period of study at the Danish institution as part of the mutually obliging collaboration agreement on PhD training.

The cooperation agrements also sets up the conditions regarding  assessment of the PhD thesis, the defense, awarding of degrees etc. to ensure that the PhD student acquires qualifications comparable with those acquired under a Danish PhD programme. 

Guideline for Double PhD Degree

Dec. 2016

Collaboration Agreement on a Double PhD Degree Revised 
July 2023


A Broader Cooperation

The universities also have the opportunity to enter into a broader cooperation between the two institutions, to form the basis for more double degree agreements and other types of collaboration agreements.                    

MoU - Memorandum of Understanding on Academic Cooperation, Staff and Research Exchange etc. Revised March 2015


SCIENCE PhD Guidelines

You can read more about the Danish PhD programme and the PhD programme at the Faculty of Science under  PhD Regulations.

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