The Integrated MSc and PhD programme (3+5)

The Integrated MSc and PhD programme makes it possible to integrate the MSc programmes’ optional programme elements and the writing of the PhD dissertation.
This allows students and their supervisors more time for the research element of the PhD programme.

The former 4+4 PhD is now a part of the Integrated PhD Scheme (3+5).

Admission requirements

The Integrated PhD programme is open to applicants who:

  • have completed the Bachelors degree with a good result.
  • are enrolled on an MSc programme offered by SCIENCE or have been offered admission to an MSc programme offered by SCIENCE
  • can coordinate and integrate the remaining ECTS of their MSc programme with the proposed PhD programme.
  • is qualified to be admitted to the PhD programme
  • have not started writing the MSc thesis.

The academic content of the MSc programme must be related to the proposed PhD programme. Read more requirements in the programme description below. 

Organisation of the Integrated MSc/PhD programme

The prescribed period of study for the integrated programme is five full-time equivalents (FTEs) (two for the MSc programme and three for the PhD programme). If, at commencement of the integrated 3+5 scheme, the student has passed one or more programme elements, the period of study is reduced correspondingly.

The 3+5 scheme is divided into two parts:

Part A:
The student completes the MSc programme and concurrently completes one third of the PhD programme (one FTE).
Part A is completed when the student completes the MSc programme and must be organized in such a way that the MSc programme is completed two years before completion of the entire integrated programme of study.

Part B:
The student is a PhD student exclusively and completes the PhD programme in accordance with the approved PhD plan.
Part B can be commenced once the student has completed the MSc programme (part A), and the regular assessments have been satisfactory, meaning that the student has lived up to the requirements in the PhD plan.

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