Application Guide

All applications for enrolment go through the relevant department at SCIENCE.

Once a candidate has been selected, the department initiates the enrolment application via the PhD administrative system PhD Planner. The selected candidate will then shortly after, receive an e-mail with information on how to fill in the relevant application information.

As a student considering being enrolled in a PhD programme there are some key areas you must consider:

Scholarship or other financing?
To be a PhD student at SCIENCE, you must have a scholarship, a large grant or other financial sources that will cover your salary, taxameter and overhead to the university during your PhD studies. Scholarships are often advertised by the Departments, Research Schools or Research Centres and can be found at the university’s Job Portal.

What type of PhD are you applying for?
There are different types of PhD programmes. The regular PhD is called the 5+3 PhD, where you enter the PhD study based on a 5 year Danish 'Kandidat degree' or similar qualifications. But other types such as the 3+5, the industrial PhD and double degree is also a possibility.

> More about the different types of PhD available at the Faculty of SCIENCE

Do you meet the PhD School Admission Requirements?

  • Supervisor
    You must have an agreement with your potential supervisor(s) before you apply. The principal supervisor must be employed at one of the departments or institutions at the Faculty of SCIENCE. 

  • Academic and Research Qualifications
    In order to document your research qualifications you will need:
    • Copies of your degree certificates and exam diplomas (B.Sc., M.Sc., etc.)
    • A copy of a list with your passed exams with marks (transcripts)
    • A curriculum vitae including a complete list of your scientific publications (if any).

If you hold a foreign university degree, you will need to document that your qualifications are accepted as equivalent to a Danish degree. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science can help assess your qualifications.

The requirements for admission to the PhD education programme at SCIENCE are described in detail in the Faculty PhD Rules, which can be found on our PhD student website.