SCIENCE HPC Centre is the central data management and e-infrastructure facility at SCIENCE. The centre is responsible for the development and operation of facilities related to the storage, sharing, calculation, analysis and publication of research data.

It ensures that SCIENCE’s researchers and students can seamlessly share and process large volumes of data across the University as well as with external partners.

‘HPC’ is an abbreviation of ‘high performance computing’ and covers calculations carried out on computers that are faster and larger than conventional computers.

Storing and sharing research data

We offer systems for storing your research data, with the option of flexible sharing with both internal and external partners. The Electronic Research Data Archive (ERDA) is for general research data and has a series of additional functions, while SIF is specifically intended for sensitive data, which is subject to, e.g., the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Key functions

Easy sharing of research data with internals and externals
Can be used as a network drive for internals and externals
Data archiving for research publications
File synchronisation via Seafile
Interactive data analysis (DAG/HEL/MODI)
Presentation and visualisation (MIST)

Who can use it?

All UCPH employees and students
External partners


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Supercomputers and data analysis

SCIENCE HPC Centre provides solutions related to High Performance Computing. The solutions range from user-friendly interactive data analysis and small learning environments to customised HPC systems and classic HPC cluster computers for heavy calculations.






Key functions

HPC setup for simulation and data analysis
Access via ERDA
Direct access to ERDA data

Who can use it?

All ERDA users

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Data publication and visualisation

Your research first really proves useful, when it’s published! You can use ERDA Archives and associated digital object identifiers (DOI) to publish the underlying data in connection with your publications in line with the Open Science and the FAIR principles. ERDA MIST is a cloud solution that enables you to freely present and visualise your research and results online.




Do you need help, or do you have any questions? You can find contact information for the various facilities in the above drop-down menus.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Hans Henrik Happe Systems Administrator +4535325419 E-mail
Jawad Ahmed Systems Administrator +4535331494 E-mail
Jonas Bardino Software Developer +4535334098 E-mail
Martin Garrigues Rehr Academic Staff +4535336843 E-mail
Rasmus Munk Academic Research Staff +4535328268 E-mail
Rune Christoffer Kildetoft Andresen Systems Administrator +4535324736 E-mail