Specially Appointed Named Persons

The Academic Council at SCIENCE has appointed professor Jørgen Wojtaszewski, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports and professor Barbara Ann Halkier, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, as the named persons of the faculty. The named persons have as their tasks to:

  1. Provide advice on what is considered good scientific practice, including the rules for co-authorship
  2. Dealing with inquiries in connection with suspicions of breaches of good scientific practice including initiating and being responsible for a preliminary investigation.

All employees and students at SCIENCE can contact the named persons with all types of questions relating to good scientific practice within the scientific fields of SCIENCE. All inquiries are treated confidentially but the named persons do not deal with anonymous inquiries.
There is no need for including named persons in an inquiry for named persons of an abstract or general character regarding how specific guidelines or codex for good scientific practice are to be perceived.

Framework and principles
The named persons are independent of the institute and faculty management and they cannot inform the management about a case unless it turns out that there is a concrete suspicion of scientific misconduct or violations of good scientific practice. In case of suspicion of violations of good scientific practice or misconduct the named person will send the case to the Practice Committee/UVVU. Hence, the named persons must be seen as a supplement to the already existing organs, i.e. management, Practice Committee and UVVU, meaning that they are not a substitute for these.

SCIENCE has chosen to appoint two named persons in order to support the scientific scattering at the faculty. Therefore you must forward you inquiries to the named person who is the closest to the scientific research field the inquiry is regarding unless the named person is disqualified in relation to the case. Then you must forward your inquiry to the other named person instead.

The appointment of the named persons does not hinder that the researchers can choose to contact the head of department or the dean directly regarding deviations from good scientific practice.