Parking at SCIENCE

Rules for using SCIENCE’s parking facilities



  • All staff with their main place of work at SCIENCE can obtain an electronic parking permit. An application form must be filled in to register for a parking permit. A change of an existing parking permit, for example a new registration number, loaner car or the like, is also entered via (in Danish).  It should be noted that the car must have a valid number plate.
  • Employees at SUND whose workplace is either at the SCIENCE Campus areas in Frederiksberg or at North Campus can obtain a parking permit for the respective areas.
  • Motorcycles are not registered with a parking permit. However, they may be parked where this is most expedient and does not cause a nuisance to others, for example against the walls of buildings. Motorcycles should not take up a parking bay. 
  • A parking permit may be obtained for max. two registered motor vehicles








All tenants and partners, for example cleaning contractors, canteen operators, external workmen etc., as well as test subjects can apply for an electronic parking permit by writing to stating company name, contact, telephone number, contact’s email address and car registration number.

A registration list may be obtained from





  • Vacant parking spaces cannot be guaranteed when the user wishes to park in our parking facilities. 
  • It is important that you familiarise yourself with the signs in the area. They will clearly show where it is legal to park. Cars may only be parked in areas marked with stripes on tiles or asphalt. 
  • Long-term parking of cars and motorcycles is not allowed. Parking of a motor vehicle for an extended period of time for work-related reasons must be agreed with
  • Parking is at your own risk and expense. The Faculty of Science does not undertake any liability for any damage etc. to parked motor vehicles. 
  • UCPH is not responsible for liquids or objects (e.g. building parts) that drip on, spray or fall on the vehicle. 
  • Parking instructions from Campus Service’s employees must be followed and take precedence over these rules. 
  • Inspections and checking of cars parked in SCIENCE’s parking facilities are performed around the clock. Parking without a valid parking permit or without a correctly completed guest parking ticket will trigger a fine.
  • Parking that blocks fire and escape routes or parking at ‘No parking’ signs will trigger a fine. 
  • A special agreement on parking must be entered into in writing with
  • If you are unsure about whether you may park in the area without getting a fine, you must park outside the area.



  • Guests must obtain a one-day guest parking ticket on which the registration number and current date are clearly entered; please see the back of the ticket. The guest ticket must be placed in the windscreen of the car with the logo and the current date visible. The guest ticket is valid only on the stated date. The permit must not be copied or lent out. Corrections must not be made to the permit. Corrections will trigger a fine. 
  • Guest tickets can be obtained at departments, manned receptions, administrative offices etc. Please remember to set your parking disc – valid for max. 15 minutes – before picking up your guest ticket. 

    Guest tickets cannot be used as a substitute for a permanent permit. 



In the event of disagreement about a parking fine, may be contacted in writing – within five days – with a presentation of the reasons for the complaint and with a copy of the fine being enclosed.