Course Portfolio

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As a PhD student enrolled in or after January 2024 you must complete course work during your PhD Programme corresponding to

  • min. 27 ECTS credits
  • max. 35 ECTS credits.

    All your course work must be approved by your principal supervisor, the PhD school and in some cases also your PhD coordinator.

    3 ECTS credits can be used for other approved activities such as journal clubs or workshops.

    10 ECTS credits are earmarked for the compulsory 4-module course 'Fundamentals of the PhD education at SCIENCE'. 

    The course is held in cohorts stretches across your PhD programme and covers subjects and skills that you will need – both in ​the different stages of your PhD and in your future career. This includes e.g.

    • planning your PhD
    • responsible conduct of research
    • career management
    • data science and statistics
    • university pedagogics
    • scientific communication.