17 March 2016

University of Copenhagen spin-out presents air cleaner in Beijing

Chemistry business

A novel technology to clean air is now presented in the Chinese capital Beijing. The air cleaning method, GPAO (Gas Phase Advanced Oxidation) was invented at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Chemistry, and is marketed on license by Danish start-up company Infuser. The technology is shown to the world press by company representatives and chemistry researchers in unison.

Infuser recently installed a system delivering breathable air to the Danish Embassy in Beijing. The company hopes that the efficient and versatile method will gather attention in the Chinese capital, which is often listed among the most polluted cities in the world.

Emulates natural self cleaning ability of atmosphere

The GPAO method cleans air by emulating the natural self-cleaning abilities of Earth’s atmosphere. Almost all air pollution is gas, and gas is difficult to remove, because it consists of few molecules far from each other. The GPAO invention utilizes a simple chemical process to transform gas into dust. And where gas was hard, dust is easy to remove.

First time company delivers solution to office building

Through its three years in business, Infuser has delivered air cleaning solutions to industrial polluters with outstanding environmental issues. This is the first time that the company has delivered an air cleaning unit to a commercial structure.

Greatest single cause of premature death

Air pollution causes more than seven million premature deaths worldwide every year. It is considered the leading single cause of death, more than traffic, smoking and diabetes taken together.