Katrine Mohr

Katrine Mohr

Special Consultant

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Team Funding, Innovation & Strategy is responsible for project management of research projects, strategy and lobby, collaboration agreements and patents, and providing support on research applications and budgets.

As project manager, I am currently responsible of managing following research projects:

EU FP7 Collaborative Project (TriForC)

EU FP7 Coordination and Support Actions (Coordinaitng Action) (LATINCROP)

Det Fri Forskningsråd, Forskningsrådet for Natur og Univers (FNU)

Det Fri Forskningsråd, Forskningsrådet for Teknologi og Produktion (FTP)


My work areas contain:

• Development and amendment of contractual documents, budget, work plan etc.

• Organising conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings

• Assistance with reporting, presentations, agenda, minutes, etc.

• Communication with partners and grant-giver

• Development and management of project website (in collaboration with the communication team)

• Financial management (in collaboration with the finance team and UCPH EU-office)

• Support with new initiatives and further external funding

• Keeping track of deadlines and milestones

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