Student Activities

Throughout the year, various social activities are arranged for all SCIENCE students and for international students specifically.

These activities include welcome and introduction days for new students, orientation programmes for international students, mentor programmes, courses, lectures, sports activities such as fun runs or bicycle races, and career workshops.

Student associations

The student associations who represent all students at SCIENCE are also very active and encourage active participation in their activities and clubs.

Student politics

Student associations also play an important role in student politics. Traditionally, students have a lot of influence and most boards and committees at the Faculty include student representatives.

Student bar and café

The student associations also run the student bars in the various campus areas and a café in an old renovated greenhouse at Frederiksberg Campus which is very popular with students and local citizens alike.

Sport activities

Student sport clubs cover a wide range of sports, including badminton, basketball, football, handball and volleyball, as well as gymnastics, folk dance and swimming. As students it is possible to sign up for sports activities at discounted rates.