1 October 2014

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Culture night 2014

This year, Copenhagen celebrates its 22nd Culture Night on October 10th. As always, SCIENCE has planned a number of exciting and interesting Culture Night activities.

On 10 October 2014, Copenhagen invites you to come join the celebration of Culture Night. Culture Night is the evening where Copenhagen bustles with life, entertainment, sense experiences and adventures for children and adults of all ages.

For 22 years this has been an annually recurrent event in Copenhagen. And for almost as long, SCIENCE, represented by various departments, has taken part in Culture Night, which always takes place on the Friday evening in October just before the schools’ Autumn holiday.

This year, many of the SCIENCE activities are centered round The Botanical Garden, where you find a 3D dance performance at the lake in the garden, a gaming café, the possibility to learn about the miracles of life and much more. 

But there are also, primarily Danish, activities at the Niels Bohr Institute (Danish link), for instance. Other parts of University of Copenhagen, including the main building at Frue Plads and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, also open their doors to the public (see Danish UCPH programme here), as do museums, libraries, educational establishments, theatres, musical venues, churches and many other institutions representing art and culture.

Read the English programme for the Culture Night.