Part time Master's Programmes and Courses

The Faculty of Science (SCIENCE) offers you to create your own part time master's programme as a flexible course of study, which is tailored to suit your academic background and needs: Flexible Master.

What is a Flexible Master?

‘A Master’s programme as a flexible course of study’ – a flexible Master – tailored to suit the individual student. The framework is the same for everyone, but the course of study – which modules and courses are followed – is agreed upon with the individual student. The Master’s programme is customised to meet the student’s needs and academic background.

Enrollment, admission requirementsTil toppen

Enrollment in the Master’s programme as a flexible course of study requires the following:

  • A higher education of relevance to the main subject: an academic BSc or MSc, a professional Bachelor’s degree, a medium-cycle higher education or diploma programme followed as a ministerial order regulated course of study.
  • At least two years’ professional experience of relevance to the main subject and acquired after completing the qualifying course of study.

In special cases, SCIENCE may grant admission to an applicant who does not meet the admission requirements for the programme if it is assessed that the applicant has the necessary prerequisites to complete a flexible course of study.

There is continuous enrollment in flexible courses of study.

Application for Admission to a Flexible Master's Programme (pdf)

Course Registration for Master's Programme Students (pdf) 

CurriculumTil toppen

Upon admittance to a flexible Master’s programme, an individual curriculum is drawn up with an academic advisor appointed by the Master’s Study Board. The curriculum must be approved by the Master’s Study Board. The programme corresponds to 60 credits and must be completed within six years.

A curriculum comprises a number of courses/modules from existing Master’s or MA/MSc programmes – at SCIENCE or other faculties/universities – and a final project corresponding to between 12 and 20 credits. The programme is structured around a main subject, and the chosen courses/modules must be relevant to the main subject.

At least half of the programme must consist of courses/study activities passed at SCIENCE. The principle supervisor on the Master project must be an employee at SCIENCE. The main subject of the flexible Master’s programme will be the title stated on the final diploma.

FeesTil toppen

  • When the curriculum has been approved, DKK 10,000 must be paid. This fee covers the advisory process with the academic advisor throughout the course of study. Please note that for students outside EU/EEA the fee is DKK 12,200.
  • Courses/modules that are part of Master’s programmes follow the set fees. Courses from MA/MSc programmes follow the rules for Open University courses, see here.
  • Written assignments cost DKK 1,000 per credit.
  • The Master project costs DKK 1,000 per credit, i.e. normally DKK 20,000.
  • The written assignments and the Master's project have an additional fee of DKK 940 per credit for non-EU/EAA students.

Register for Master project

When you register for a Master project, you must cooperate with the Head of Studies/project supervisor to complete and sign a contract which is sent to together with a registration form for Master students. This must take place at the beginning of the project.

Master project contract

Documentation for Passed Exams

After finishing your course, you can print out documentation for passed exams on KUnet. If you need to have the documentation signed, you can order it at SCIENCE Student Services. After completion of your Part time Master’s degree, you will receive a diploma.


If you have any questions, then take a look at the FAQ about Master Programmes, and see if your question has been answered.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions in the FAQ, you are welcome to contact a study and career guidance counsellor in SCIENCE Student Services.Til toppen