Part time Master's Programmes and Courses

What is a Flexible Master?

At SCIENCE, you have the opportunity to take a Professional Master’s programme as a flexible course of study.
The programme consists of 60 ECTS credits and must be completed in max. six years – like the ordinary Master’s programmes. However, you and your supervisor jointly decide the main subject of the programme and the composition of the individual course elements.


A professional master obtains the title Master (your main subject) on graduation.

Admission and admission requirements

To be admitted to the flexible Professional Master’s programme, you must meet the following admission requirements:

  1. You must have: completed a higher education programme of relevance to the main subject: an academic Bachelor’s or Master’s programme, a Professional bachelor’s degree programme, an intermediate higher education programme or a diploma programme.
  2. At least two years’ work experience of relevance to the desired main subject. Your work experience must have been acquired after the completion of your principal study programme.

If you do not meet the requirements, SCIENCE can grant you an exemption based on a specific assessment of your background if we assess that you have the necessary qualifications for admission.

Application for admission

If you wish to apply for admission to the flexible Professional Master’s programme, you must apply no later than on 1 February. You are welcome to submit your application at all times of the year, but you should be aware that we will not process it until after the expiry of the deadline.

You apply by completing the below application form:

Application form for admission to a flexible Professional Master’s programme

Once we have received your application, it will be forwarded for assessment at the department that covers the specified main subject for your programme. It is up to the department to assess whether you meet the admission requirements.
The department has the right to reject the application if a suitable supervisor cannot be made available. The supervisor must be employed at SCIENCE.

Study plan

If the department finds that you are suitable and has appointed a supervisor, you must draw up a study plan in collaboration with the appointed supervisor.

We will write to you and ask you to contact the supervisor. Once you have prepared the plan, you must send it to

The study plan must contain a description of the main subject of the programme. In addition, a competency profile must be prepared. Finally, the plan must include an overview of the courses to be included.

Before your final admission to the programme, the study plan must be approved by the Study Board that covers the subject area of your programme.

You will receive a final answer to your application on 1 July, and the programme then begins when block 1 starts in the following academic year.

Change of study plan

If you need to change your study plan during the course of your studies, you and your supervisor must prepare a new study plan. It must then be submitted to the Study Board for approval.

You must send your changed study plan to

Course registration

You must pass at least half (30 ECTS credits) of the study programme with courses/study activities passed at SCIENCE. You can apply for admission to both Bachelor’s and Master’s courses – you can search among all our courses at

There is no requirement to take the courses in the order you have specified in your study plan.

You will not be registered for the courses automatically and you must therefore register for the courses by submitting the below registration form for each course. You pay for the Professional Master’s programme on an ongoing basis via collection of a tuition fee for the individual courses.

You register for courses via this form:

Course registration for Professional Master’s programme students

As a student on the flexible Professional Master’s programme, you must follow the same course registration deadlines as single subject students:

 Deadlines for applications for courses in 21/22


Deadline for applications

Reply to application

Applying after the deadline

Block start 21/22

Block 1

10 June

15 August

11 June-26 August

6 September

Block 2

10 September

15 October

11 September-11 November

27 November

Block 3

10 December

15 January

11 December-27 January

7 February

Block 4

10 March

15 April

11 March-12 April

25 April

Block 5 

1 April

15 May

2 April-*

4 July

Payment and prices

  • When your study plan has been approved, you must pay a fee of DKK 10,000 for a supervision process with your academic supervisor throughout your course of studies.
  • For courses/modules that form part of Professional Master’s programmes, the fixed price for the course is payable – one ECTS credit costs DKK 850.
  • Written assignments cost DKK 1,000 per ECTS credit.
  • The Master’s project costs DKK 1,000 per ECTS credit, i.e. between DKK 12,000 and DKK 20,000.

When you are notified of your admission, we will send you an invoice for the supervision fee. If you are a Danish citizen/resident in Denmark, you will receive the invoice via e-Boks. As soon as we have registered your payment of the supervision fee, you will be finally admitted.
Payment is a condition for starting the course, and non-payment will result in deregistration.

You pay for the courses individually. The tuition fee for a course covers participation in classes as well as two exam attempts.
If you need to use your second exam attempt, you can participate in the subsequent re-exam or the ordinary exam and re-exam in the following academic year.

Registration for Master’s project

When you register for the Master’s project, you and your supervisor must complete and sign a contract which is sent together with a registration form for Professional Master’s programme students. This must be done at the start of the project.

Use this form:

Master’s project contract (pdf)

Special rules If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen

The stated prices for Professional Master’s courses are for EU/EEA citizens as well as other citizens with a permanent residence permit in Denmark. A temporary residence permit with a view to permanent residence is equated with a permanent residence permit. Applicants with a permanent residence permit in Denmark must enclose a copy of their residence permit.

The university receives subsidies from the Danish State for students who are EU/EEA citizens or who have permanent residence permits – this is distributed on a so-called taximeter basis.

As we do not receive such a subsidy from the Danish State for non-EU/EEA citizens without a permanent residence permit in Denmark, the price for the courses is higher for such students. This is calculated based on the rates catalogue for study programmes. The supplements vary in size depending on the subject area to which the course belongs. The amounts are between DKK 255-675. Please feel free to contact us for information about the exact amount.

In connection with deregistration after a course has started, the tuition fee will not be refunded.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a study and career guidance counsellor in SCIENCE Student Services.Til toppen