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You’re welcome to send your questions to us by email. If you need help here and now, please call us in stead.

When you write to us

  • Send your question to – always use your KUmail if you’re a student at the University of Copenhagen.
  • In the subject field, write the name of the study programme that you’re enrolled on or have questions about.

You can read about rules, deadlines and get tips for student life atyour Study Information on KUnet

How to notify us of changes/new information


        • Register your CPR no. via this form
        • If you’ve changed your address, you don’t need to notify us. We’ll automatically get your new address from the civil registration office. If your address has not been updated in Self service, please write to us.


Here, you can order certified documents (with a stamp and signature) and have them sent to your KUmail or home address.

You can always download a non-certified transcript of your grades and a confirmation that you’re a student on Self service.

Order documents as a student at SCIENCE

We can send you the following certified documents (with a stamp and signature) to your KUmail within 24 hours:

We can send you the following certified documents by post or to your KUmail within 5-10 work days:

If you have specific wishes for the content, please write them in the comments box in the form.

Are you a former SCIENCE student?

If you need documentation for a PhD programme or degree, please contact

Closing Days
  • 8 - 26 July: Summer break
SCIENCE Studenterservice

Get guidance on

  • your course of study – planning and course choices
  • illness, maternity/paternity leave or changed plans
  • well-being, motivation and doubts about your studies
  • transgressive experiences
  • your future plans and career.

Get administrative support with

  • systems – e.g. Self service, Digital Exam and Absalon
  • registering for courses and exams
  • an application you’ve already sent
Themed offers for enrolled students


With our strong career offers targeting you who is currently studying at SCIENCE, we aim to help you explore and prepare for your future career during your studies.

You can always find useful career tips on your Study Information.

Career guidance session

You can book a career guidance session if you need to talk in depth about your career considerations and questions.

Examples of topics for a career guidance session:

  • How to do a project collaboration with a company as a part of your studies.
  • Your job possibilities and your wishes for your future working life.
  • Your skills – those you have and those you want to build.
  • Doubts and choices during your studies that concerns your future career
  • How to approach your job search – for both study jobs and graduate jobs.
  • An application/CV or your LinkedIn profile, that you need feedback on. 
  • The Danish labour market – your way in as an international student.

The guidance session will last up to 30 minutes and can take place either

  • at SCIENCE Student Services on Dyrlægevej 10, 1870 Frederiksberg C
  • online via Zoom.

Do you have an urgent question about your career  or need help planning your study programme? Please, call us instead.

Career events

Each academic year, you can get hands on career tips and inspiration at our SPOT ON Events.

Here you can e.g.

  • learn about different career possibilities
  • get input on applying for a job or a project collaboration
  • meet relevant companies.

Find all upcoming career events on KUnet



You can book a special support guidance session with a student and career guidance counsellor if you have a physical or mental disability and are a student at SCIENCE. This is relevant if you

  • are in a complex or challenging situation in your student life
  • need extra support and guidance to balance your student life with your current life situation.

Do you need guidance here and now? – Or are you in doubt about whether a special support guidance session is right for you? Start by phoning us.

What we can help you with

During the session we can help you with e.g. 

  • putting together a study plan that suits you
  • getting clarity of your needs and possibilities for support during your programme
  • making choices about your studies that take your life situation into account
  • your current applications – for example with describing how your functional impairment affects you in your courses and at your exams.

You don’t need to know exactly what you need help with. We can find it out together during our guidance session.

This is how a special support session takes place

The guidance session will last up to 30 minutes and can take place either

  • at SCIENCE Student Services on Dyrlægevej 10, 1870 Frederiksberg C
  • online via Zoom.

You’re welcome to bring someone else to the interview, e.g. your support person or a family member.


As a student at SCIENCE, you can take part in a course and a number of events that can give you tools to

  • find calm and ways to enjoy your life as a student
  • find inspiration and motivation for your studies
  • prevent and handle difficult periods.

Is your need for guidance about your study life here and now? Please give us a call first.

Take control of your student life – course on well-being and motivation

A course for you as a student if you

  • would like input on prioritising and planning your everyday student life
  • want to get inspiration and motivation for your studies
  • want to become better at staying centred and maintaining an overview when student life gets stressful.

To get the most out of the course, you need to have experience with taking courses and university exams.

The course is free and is held 3 times a year – in Danish in block 1 and 3 and in English in block 2.
The course runs over 3 sessions.

In block 1 the course is taught in Danish:

  • ​17  September: Well-being and motivation
  • 24 September: Pressure and overview
  • 8 October: Priorities and balance

All courses take place between 16:00-18:30 in Konsistoriesalen on campus.

Register no later than 11 September. Please only register if you want to join the whole course.

The 2 teachers have backgrounds as study- and career guidance counsellors. You will meet them and the same group of fellow students for all 3 sessions.

Events that gives you useful tools for your student life

Each academic year, you can participate in SPOT ON events, where you can get great tips and tools to handle various aspects of student life.

For example, you can get useful input for your student life within themes such as

  • managing a busy everyday life
  • improving your study techniques
  • improving your exam techniques.

See all upcoming events and courses on KUnet