Get ECTS-points while working on your idea

An elective course is for you that wants to:

  • Use 7,5 or 15 ECTS to develop your own idea
  • Write your bachelor project or thesis in your own idea
  • Test your academic skills in practice
  • Have an idea you want to turn into a business
  • Boost your education with innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Work independently and like taking initiative
  • Increase your network in the startup and business environment

5 workshops

As part of a ECTS-based course, you have to participate in the following five workshops, that are part of the "Lead-in Program", available for all students at UCPH (Lead-in Program). But when you participate in the workshops as part of a course, you will additionally receive help for shaping a strong project and get 1:1 coaching and feedback during the course.








The process

  • Consider which idea/problem you want to work with
  • Write or call us to get information on how to get started
  • Sign up for the Lead-In Programme
  • Choose an academic supervisor and set the frame for your project together
  • Sign up for the course Project in Practice or as an alternative Project out of Scope in the desired block on KU-Net
  • Set up a meeting between you, your academic supervisor and SCIENCE Innovation Hub. We will talk about your idea, and the course and discuss expectations.


  • Jakub Rubinowski, Business Developer
  • Frederik Nygaard, Hub Manager

Where to get more information?

Lead-In Programme

If you are interested in a non-ECTS-giving course, then the Lead-In Programme in UCPH Lighthouse is also available for all members of SCIENCE Innovation Hub.