Startup Services

Together we will find out which activities you need to take your idea to the next level. We can help you develop your business idea through the following steps:

SCIENCE Incubator

SCIENCE Incubator is our basic service, available to all members of SCIENCE Innovation Hub.

In SCIENCE Innovation Hub we will help you expand your knowledge of idea development and once you are ready, you can get help applying for funding, finding new team members and much more.

We offer the following basic services:

  • Office space in our shared office facilities with admission 24/7
  • Access to meeting rooms & kitchen facilities
  • Knowledge sharing with like-minded student startups
  • Free participation in startup events
  • Admission to our internal Hub Facebook group
  • Status & progress meeting every third month
  • Help and guidance from external experts: lawyer, accountant, Patent Attorney, Food and Nutrition Industry Specialist, Designer, It-manager and The Danish Inventor Advisory Service

Once you are ready to move towards new goals, we will help you and your idea proceed. Perhaps you need new contacts or team members – and the following additional activities will help you with that among other things:




    The additional activity Ideation focuses on the idea development process. The activity will help you discover new aspects of your idea and examine the market potential. It is an exciting, chaotic and educational process. Among other things, we will look into:

    • The process of turning your idea into a business
    • Methods of business development through the use of for example Business Model Canvas
    • Questions such as “Which problem does your idea solve?”, “What is the solution?” and “Does the idea fulfil a market need?”
    • Together we will find relevant players in the Danish startup ecosystem that will help you reach your goals

    The additional activity Ideation usually lasts up to 6 months.



    The first funding is often the most difficult to get. In the initial idea phase, you can validate your idea and concept by participating in competitions, hackathons, startup events etc. This will allow you to discuss your idea, get new inputs and meet exciting, new people that may become valuable to you and your startup journey.

    Once your idea has matured, you can apply for funding, e.g. through one of the following:

    • The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship
    • InnoBooster
    • InnoFounder
    • UCPH I&E Funds

    This is a way of creating results for your, perhaps blank, startup CV.

    The additional activity Funding usually lasts more than 3 months.



    The additional activity Pitching allows you to focus on sharpening the basic story of your idea and your team.

    Communicating the story of your idea, yourself and your team, is an essential part of idea development in relation to e.g.:

    • Potential customers or collaborators
    • Future team members or co-founders
    • Funding programs and competitions

    In collaboration with a coach, you will get help sharpening your basic story and become better at aiming your pitch to specific listeners, making them remember you.

    The additional activity Pitching usually lasts 2-3 months.



    With the additional activity Mentoring it is possible to learn from the experience of an established company. We help you set goals, balance expectations and find a mentor that is eager to help young startups get started. This additional activity will give you valuable knowledge about:

    • Your market
    • The product
    • How to create growth in your startup

    This additional activity targets startups that are far in the process of transforming their ideas into a business and want to prioritize spending time on the mentoring.

    It is possible to get a mentor through Venture Cup's Mentor program:

    Besides this, we are using the mentor method SPININ developed by the Danish universities and The Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond).

    The additional activity Mentoring usually lasts from 3-6 months.