About SCIENCE Innovation Hub

SCIENCE Innovation Hub provides shared office facilities at the University of Copenhagen with room for entrepreneurial students. We are a place for students with business ideas in need of a push and community to take the ideas to the next level.

The rights to your idea and startup company are your own - the University of Copenhagen does not have any ownership to your idea, when you are part of our startup community and coworking space. 

How we help students

SCIENCE Incubator is our basic service available to all members of SCIENCE Innovation Hub. In addition, we offer a number of other services. You can read more about all of our offers to students by pressing the links below.

We help students pursue their ideas and create businesses while building up competencies in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Find us on Nørre Allé 63, 2nd floor, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

SCIENCE Innovation Hub is a part of the University of Copenhagen’s strategic focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. We are organizationally rooted at the Faculty of SCIENCE in the department of Private and Public Sector Services, part of the Faculty Secretariat.

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