A Sustainable Future - connect and collaborate with SCIENCE students

Meet Students from SCIENCE to collaborate with on their next study project on November 4th 2022

At the event companies and authorities will have the opportunity to interact with SCIENCE students and talk about possible collaboration on student projects.

The event starts with the participating companies presenting themselves and pitching their project opportunities in English.

If a student is interested in collaborating with a company, the student can initiate contact by participating in the student and company one-on-one sessions. ​

Participating companies:

Will be updated as the event approaches.


Posted later on. 

Participated students said this about Matchmaking events:

"I liked the small pitches from each company to get an idea of what they each could offer. Additionally, the 1:1 worked really well” (Student, Biotechnology – smart solutions in Science and Health, April 2022)

“I was looking for a job and the event helped me get in touch with some companies for which I would be interested” (Student, Future Cities and Green Transitions, March 2022)

“It was great talking to businesses that had ideas and wanted students to help them. I felt really valuable for the people are talked to and had a feeling they wanted be to come and help them with their projects” (Student, Water Climate, Nature & Environment, September 2021)

“It was a very good event, which gave me motivation to do a internship, while writing my thesis.” (Student, Water, Climate, Nature & Environment, September 2021).