Innovative Food and Health

At the Online Matchmaking Event: Innovative Food and Health - November 19th 2021 students will have the opportunity of meeting relevant companies and organizations. Participating companies will be posted closer to the event.

Each company will be holding a presentation, whereafter the students will be having a one-on-one discussion (speed dating sessions) with the companies about future collaboration.

The event is free but sign-up is required. 

Selected Focus Areas

Food ingredients, sustainable food production, plant-based diets and products, meal systems, food and eating, personalized interventions, precision nutrition, healthy and sustainable diets, local production, food waste and use and reduction of side streams. 


12:20-12:30       Students log in

12:30-12:50       Welcome and short remarks from SCIENCE

12:50-13:30       Company pitches and Q&A

13:30-14:00       Break – students sign up using doodles for each company

14:00-16:00       Speeddating sessions in individual zoom meetings (break 14.30-14.40)