Artificial Intelligence across sectors and sciences

Artificial intelligence across sectors and sciences

At the Online Matchmaking Event: Artificial Intelligence across sectors and sciences - October 29th 2021 students will have the opportunity of meeting relevant companies and organizations. Meet companies such as:

FOSS Analytics
Larsen & Toubro Infotech
Danish Meteorological Institute

Each company will present problems that they want students to solve in a project. After the presentations students meet up with the companies for a one-on-one discussion (speed dating sessions) about future collaboration.

The event is free but sign up is required. 

Selected Focus Areas

AI, big data analysis, deep learning, machine learning, AI driven technologies, AI ethics, The insurance and finance/FinTech industry (e.g. automation, financial forecasting) The agricultural sector and food industry (e.g. vertical farming, novel plant production systems, AI GIS, food safety monitoring, product development), devices, IoT, modelling and methods. Focus areas will be updated as the event gets closer.


12:20-12:30       Students log in

12:30-12:50       Welcome and short remarks from SCIENCE

12:50-13:30       Company pitches and Q&A

13:30-14:00       Break – students sign up using doodles for each company

14:00-15:45       Speeddating sessions in individual zoom meetings (break 14.30-14.40)