Water, Climate, Nature & Environment

At the Matchmaking Event: Water, Climate, Nature and Environment 23rd of October 2020 students will have the opportunity to hear about project opportunities with relevant companies and organizations. Meet companies such as:

Each company will present a case about the company and problems that they would want students to solve in a project. During and after the presentations students can ask questions and some may have the opportunity to meet up with a company for a one-on-one discussion (speed dating session) about future collaboration.

The event is free but sign up is required.

Please notice:
 Due to COVID-19 and the guidelines from the Danish authorities, the event will be held online. Instructions regarding this will follow upon sign-up.

Selected Focus Areas

Climate change, water and soil monitoring and cleaning, biodiversity, eDNA, life cycle analysis, waste and water management, sustainable agriculture, circular economy, nature restoration and climate change adaption of cities and landscapes. 


Due to the guidelines regarding COVID-19 from the Danish authorities, the event will be held online via Zoom. The programme is as follows:

12.20-12.30:   Student sign in. The first part of the event takes place in a Zoom webinar.

You will receive log in link upon registration.

12:30-13:40:   Welcome from SCIENCE and 5 minute company pitches 

SCIENCE representatives will introduce the event and different opportunities for project assistance (SCIENCE Study and Career Guidance, Data Science Lab, SCIENCE Innovation Hub). The companies will introduce themselves and present their opportunities for student collaboration and what skills they are looking for. You will also have the possibility to ask questions using the raise hand or Q&A function.

13:40-14:10:   Break and bookings

During the break, you can book a personal meeting with the company representatives by using the Doodle forms provided for each company. There are only a limited number of meetings and you need to book a time slot during the break. Please only book three meetings and make sure that you do not book multiple companies at the same time.

The doodle links will be sent to you and posted in the webinar after the last company presentation.

14:10-15:50:   Speeddating sessions: 1:1 meetings with companies

For the last part of the event, you can-if you have booked!-meet companies one-on-one in their individual Zoom meetings and discuss opportunities for project collaboration. The links for the individual company Zoom meetings will be sent to you and posted at the webinar. You can also talk to a study and career counselor (available in the break and until 3 pm) and SCIENCE Innovation Hub (available in the break and until 2.30 pm).