Matchmaking event - Sustainable cities. Project Collaboration - Private and Public Industry, February 23rd 2018. Picture of company representative and student shaking hands

Would you like to write a project in collaboration with a company?

This page will be updated with more information as the event is getting closer.

At the Matchmaking Event: Sustainable Cities 23 February 2018 students will have the opportunity of meeting relevant private and public actors working with climate adaptation, urban planning, GIS and other aspects of sustainable cities.

Read more about the participants and their ideas for collaboration with students:

Each company will present problems that they want students to solve in a project. After the presentations students meet up with the companies for a one-on-one discussion (speed dating sessions) about future collaboration.

SCIENCE Innovation Hub and SCIENCE Study and Career Guidance will participate as well.

Selected Focus Areas:

  • City infrastructure (e.g. waste, traffic, energy, design/architecture)
  • Water management (e.g. supply, climate change resilience and adaption)
  • Social geography (e.g. behavior, mobility and identity of citizens)
  • Urban planning GIS
  • Urban farming
  • Life Cycle Assessments (projects within this area is still to be confirmed)

 A light buffet with refreshments is served during speed-dating sessions.


12:30 Student registration in front of aud. CPSC1 (ground floor)

13:00 Plenary Session. Welcome and introduction to the Matchmaking Event

13:05 Company presentations on problems(s)/project idea(s), which could be solved, i.e. in a Bachelor or Master Thesis project

14:30 Speed Dating Sessions: Each company has a stand where the speed dating sessions (10 minutes) with students will take place. SCIENCE Student Services, Study and Career Guidance will be available for questions throughout the speed dating sessions. Refreshments are served throughout the speed dating sessions

16:30 Networking and goodbye

17:00 The Matchmaking Event ends