Before the event

At SCIENCE there are various types of projects that can be done in collaboration with companies. Remember to check which types of projects (MSc thesis, BSc project, Project in Practice, Project outside course scope) and sizes are possible in your programme and on your academic level. Explore the options which are available for you at your study programme website: > your programme > Job and Career > How do I get in contact with the labour market > Do a project in collaboration with a company

On the matchmaking website, you can find which companies will be present at the event. Follow the links to their corporate website and read about them.

You are also welcome to bring your CV and share it with companies at the speed-dating session. 

At the event

If you join a speed dating session:

Make a clear and short presentation of yourself (max 1 minute):

  • What do you do? (study field, study interests, student job)
  • What are you looking for? (type of project, subject field, future plans)
  • What can you offer this company? (experience, knowledge, personal skills)

You can consider asking the company things like:

  • Which skills in a student is the company looking for?
  • Which team will I be a part of? (and other specific practical questions about the potential project collaboration)
  • I am very interested in xxx - would it be possible to work with something like that in your company?

After the event

At the end of your talk, you can choose to stay in touch with the company by:

  • Asking for their business card or contact information. 
  • Telling them when you will get in contact (fx “I will write you an email next week”)
  • Telling them what you will write about (send your CV, write about project information, etc.)

Remember - It is okay to be nervous – nothing has to be perfect.