Research profile

SCIENCE conducts research within a wide range of research fields ranging from the classic scientific areas of life-science to food and nutrition as well as resource economics. The basic research conducted by the researchers at SCIENCE has a great scientific impact and contributes extensively to University of Copenhagen’s position as number 26 on ARWU ranking list 2019 among the world’s leading universities. Read more about University of Copenhagen’s rankings

At SCIENCE, the groundbreaking basic research goes hand in hand with the implementation and application of the research results, and thereby SCIENCE contributes to solving a line of the great challenges that society faces such as climate changes and climate adjustment, scarcity of natural resources, sustainable energy supplies, food safety, lifestyle diseases as well as safe and efficient data processing.

The faculty has 12 departments, which are further organized into 71 sections. In order of obtaining an overview of the wide ranging research conducted at SCIENCE, we have published Research at SCIENCE, an overview 2020-21 (e-page), that provides a brief description of the faculty’s 12 departments and their sections.

The PhD education

The faculty contains research educations at a high international level. Through the PhD education, the faculty ensures that the most advanced research contributes to the development and growth in the society, when the PhD’s are hired at companies in the public and private sector. Quality is a keyword in the recruitment of PhDs and in their education. SCIENCE will support the PhD students’ knowledge of their future labor market and how ready they are to navigate in relation to this.

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Academic weight attracting more competent researchers

The faculty’s research environments have the academic weight of attracting researchers at a high international level and receive great prestigious grants.