20 August 2019

More students in natural sciences at The University of Copenhagen


This year, The University of Copenhagen has accepted 9 % more students into natural science programmes.

Coming fall, the Faculty of Science (SCIENCE) at the University of Copenhagen will be welcoming an increased number of students into IT related Bachelor’s programmes along with Bachelor’s programmes with a green profile.

“This year, we have accepted 9 % more students to our programmes particularly in the field of IT and into programmes that contribute to climate change mitigation. That’s good news,” says Associate Dean for Education at the Faculty of Science, Grete Bertelsen.

The increased number of students into IT related programmes is due to the establishment of two new Bachelor’s programmes in Computer Science & Economics and Machine Learning & Data Science. Both programmes are fully booked.

“Industry is calling for more IT specialists. And, as our two new programmes are starting off so well, we are able to contribute to industry needs,” says the Associate Dean.

More ‘green’ students too

Several of the SCIENCE programmes with a sustainability focus, have also seen a bigger flow of new students. Compared to 2018, there has been an increase of students to specifically the Bachelor’s programmes in Biology-Biotechnology, Natural Resources, Geography and Geoinformatics, Landscape Architecture and Forest and Landscape Engineering.

”This suggests young people are thinking ‘green’ when it comes to education. At the University of Copenhagen, we are happy that we are able to offer them such an education. These new students are the ones that - in a few years’ time - will be developing sustainable solutions to future societal challenges,” says Grete Bertelsen.

Especially the Biology-Biotechnology programme has seen a huge increase of students. They have offered places for 33 % more students compared to last year.

At Natural Resources, there are 15 % more students compared to 2018. Furthermore, the programmes Geography and Geoinformatics, Landscape Architecture and Forest and Landscape Engineering have also accepted more students compared to 2018.

Even with the increase of students, there are still a few places left at the Biology-Biotechnology, Natural Resources and Landscape Architecture programmes. More information.