Research-based public-sector cooperation

Public-sector cooperation is an important part of the Faculty's cooperation with the surrounding world. The research-based public-sector cooperation stems from the need to have reliable and unbiased knowledge as input for socially related decisions. The clients in this cooperation are typically ministries, agencies, international organisations, regions, municipalities etc. The research-based cooperation comprises, among other things, research, consultancy, investigations, monitoring, the obligation to provide particular services, risk assessment and participation in committees and councils in connection with political decision-making processes.

SCIENCE has an academically wide scope as well as candidates, PhDs and research and education competencies of great relevance to authorities, both nationally and internationally. We are located in a strategically important position in the Oresund region, which means that we are close to relevant ministries, agencies and regional authorities.

Through a close dialogue on the Faculty's research and concrete research cooperation, SCIENCE is a proactive and serious partner for authorities and organisations.

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