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The University of Copenhagen welcomes industry, researchers and students to our annual UCPH Food Day.

Talks of Food Day 2020

We recorded all talks that were given at the webinar - watch or rewatch all speakers by following the link below.

Watch all talks of Food Day 2020 here.

The presentations at the UCPH Food Day 2020 will inspire and draw perspectives on how digital infrastructure, AI and data sharing can strengthen the food sector.

The purpose is to give inspiration and insights on state of the art of research and industry development today and how it can be utilized and further developed together with industry within:

  • Digital infrastructure and data sharing
  • Machine learning and AI in production
  • Data-driven production of foods

The research and education of the University of Copenhagen covers the complete food production system from field to consumers to waste including the health of both humans, animals, crops and nature. We work closely together with industry in the development of new technologies and services.


Due to the COVID-19 situation this year's UCPH Food Day will be held as a half day webinar from 8.50 to 12.00 on August 26th 2020.

Details regarding the webinar participation will be shared a week before the webinar.

Please be aware that you will only be able to participate if you are signed up.