Guest Students

You are categorised as a guest student if you are currently enrolled as:

  • a full degree student at a non-partner university abroad
  • an exchange student at another Danish university

As a guest student, you apply for admission to the Faculty of Science on an individual basis. This means that you do not apply through an exchange agreement or as a full degree seeking MSc student.

As a guest student, you normally enroll for one or two semesters.

Tuition Fee

Please note that all guest students are required to pay tuition fees.

EU citizens

  • DKK 850 per ECTS credit

These fees must be paid before you begin your studies.

The price includes one-time participation in classes and lectures as well as two exam attempts [the first ordinary exam and the following exam resit]. 

Non-EU citizens

For more information about tuition fees for Non-EU citizens please read here.


If you wish to apply for admission to the Faculty of Science as a guest student, you should go the homepage of the International Office as it coordinates the admission process for guest students.


You can find information about the courses offered by the Faculty of Science here:

The teaching takes place in normal working hours together with the ordinary students.

If you need help in choosing courses, please contact a study and career guidance counsellor in SCIENCE Student Services.

When does teaching take place? Timetable groups and block structure

The course description will state which block and timetable group the individual course is offered in.

All courses at the Faculty of Science are organised in accordance with our block structure, which divides the academic year into four nine-week blocks. Blocks 1 and 2 take place in the autumn semester while blocks 3 and 4 take place in the spring semester. Courses normally last for one block only. See the current academic calendar here.

In addition, teaching for our courses will take place in a given timetable group or possibly a sub group. Please note that if your course is in timetable group A, this means that the teaching will take place in both sub groups A 1 and A 2.

The sub groups, and thereby the timetable groups, are organised according to the following model:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:00-10:00  B 1 A 1 C 1 A 1 B 1
10:00-12:00 A 2 B 2
Lunch Break
13:00-15:00 C 1 B 2 C 2 A 2 D
15:00-17:00 C 2

You are not under an obligation to attend the lectures for the courses, but on some courses you need to meet certain conditions in order to be able to sit the exam. If there are conditions for sitting the exam, it will be specified in the course description.

Publication of courses offered

The courses for the coming academic year are published on 1 May at