Courses and Studies

Courses in English

The Faculty of Science offers around 200 courses in English at BSc and MSc level.

As such, students should have sufficient scope to put together an individual programme tailored to meet their interests.

Courses are listed and described in our course database. When choosing courses, please make sure that you have chosen courses taught in English and that you have chosen courses in the appropriate block (blocks 1 and 2 for autumn/ winter, blocks 3 and 4 for the spring/ summer). Get more information about the week and block structure. Please note that even if it is stated that you only pass or fail a course in the description, as an exchange student you will always receive a grade according to the Danish grading system.

Exchange students are required to maintain full-time student status. This means that students must be enrolled in courses equivalent to 15 ECTS credits pr. block.

Individual study

Exchange students may choose to do an individual study project as part of the BSc or MSc degree at their home university. It is essential that the student has a good and well thought-through idea of the theme of the study. The student is responsible for identifying and contacting a a faculty teacher who can act as a supervisor and an agreement is signed between the student and the teacher describing the title, contents, ECTS credits etc. of the study. A supervisor will normally meet with the student between two and four times in order to discuss the progress of the individual study or any problems encountered. Most supervisors also choose to read and comment on parts of the study.

Students applying to do an individual study must submit a detailed project description with their application.

Summer and Online Courses

The Faculty of Science offers a number of Summer Courses and Online Courses.


If you need help selecting courses or with completing your study plan, you are welcome to contact a study and career guidance counsellor in SCIENCE Student Services.