SCIENCE Secretariat, Communication and Policy

SCIENCE Secretariat, Communication and Policy promotes the development of an efficient, coherent and clearly profiled Faculty whose study programmes and research help to solve the challenges facing society.

SCIENCE Secretariat, Communication and Policy promotes the development of an efficient, coherent and clearly profiled Faculty whose study programmes and research help to solve the challenges facing society. We are an office with a broad interface and a close collaboration with colleagues at the departments and in the Faculty Secretariat, the rest of UCPH as well as external parties.


In the Management Secretariat, we serve the Dean, the Associate Deans and the Faculty Director, who make up the Faculty’s overall management. However, we also handle a number of tasks that are to benefit both operations and development in the entire Faculty:

  • Implementation of UCPH’s strategy for SCIENCE
  • Project management in strategic and interdisciplinary organisational and development projects
  • Service and secretarial assistance for a number of management and collaboration forums
  • Legal advice for departments and the management
  • Coordination and planning of collaboration with key stakeholders, including supporting international strategic commitments.

The head of Secretariat is Lise Walsted Kristiansen.



Communication is responsible for the joint communication at the Faculty. Overall, our tasks fall within the following areas: 

  • Recruitment of students for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes as well as bridge-building between municipal primary and lower secondary school and university
  • Research communication and press work
  • Web communication – website, intranet and social media
  • Internal communication – newsletters, management communication and info screens
  • Communication consultancy and sparring for management and employees
    Joint branding initiatives at the University of Copenhagen.

The head of Communication is Birgitte Lyhne Broksø.



Policy works to develop and maintain strong relations with private companies, public corporations, government agencies and foundations, support international strategic commitments and safeguard national and international interests. The section ensures stronger coordination of the Faculty’s interaction with the corporate sector, including improved internal utilisation of the knowledge generated in the interaction with businesses, organisations and government agencies.

The section is also responsible for implementing UCPH’s strategy at the Faculty of Science, handling project management in strategic and interdisciplinary organisational and development projects as well as developing and implementing continuing and further education offerings for external partners.

The head of Policy is Charlotte Elisabeth Fischer.


We spend a significant part of our working day working across tasks and competencies, both in our own section and with our partners. This creates the best possible communication for the Faculty and UCPH, and for the many people who want to keep up to date on or become part of the Faculty’s study programmes and research.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
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Ali Roshanzamir Web Editor +4551680431 E-mail
Annette Søj Jensen Dean's Secretary Secretary to the Dean and Faculty Director Local Collaboration Committee (FS-LSU) services +4535332010 E-mail
Annika Holme Web Editor Social media and web editor +4535332085 E-mail
Anthon Asger Avenhuis Nødskov Special Consultant   E-mail
Bettina Illemann Larsen Journalist Video and photo +4540901290 E-mail
Bettina Madsen Service Staff Service employee +4535333022 E-mail
Birgitte Lyhne Broksø Head of Communications +4535330579 E-mail
Camilla Drosted Senior Consultant +4535321637 E-mail
Casper Thon Hoffmann Student   E-mail
Charlotte Elisabeth Fischer Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535322627 E-mail
Christian Kjær Monsson Senior Consultant +4535329772 E-mail
Claus Aagaard Thomsen Head of Office Head of Dean's Office. Strategy. Miscellaneous ad hoc assignments. +4535332007 E-mail
Elisa Mary Pedersen Attendant Attendant, SCIENCE Faculty Secretariat +4528753694 E-mail
Francesca Cantarella Special Consultant +4535329975 E-mail
Gitte Inselmann Frandsen Special Consultant +4535321263 E-mail
Jacob Juul Gade Senior Consultant Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration with the Faculty's startegic partners. Develop and implement the Faculty's strategy and action plan for ... +4535331748 E-mail
Jeanette Jørgensen Secretary Coordination of meetings and events. Internal grants and accounts. Consultation cases. Grant administratior Scholarships +4535332000 E-mail
Jesper Bang Vinther Communications Officer Student recruitment, marketing of study programmes, quality assurance, video production, student surveys. +4521161380 E-mail
Jonas Nielsen Communications Officer SoMe and internal communication +4535324595 E-mail
Kathrine Stenderup-Jensen Academic Officer +4535333977 E-mail
Katja Sander Johannsen Senior Consultant +4535333290 E-mail
Kenneth Velling Johansen Graphic Designer. Carries out graphic design assignments for print and web for SCIENCE's Faculty Secretariat. Part of SCIENCE Communication recruitment team, includi... +4540185463 E-mail
Kristian Bjørn-Hansen Communications Officer Research dissemination and press contact +4535324945 E-mail
Laura Thinggaard Hjortkjær Academic Officer +4535321529 E-mail
Lise Walsted Kristiansen Head of Section Head of Secretariat +4535332036 E-mail
Lotte Grandorf Banner Communications Officer Internal communication +4593565893 E-mail
Lykke Thostrup Communications Officer Head of SCIENCE's upper secondary school services. Popular science events, campus guides, thematic booklets and research communication. +4535332387 E-mail
Maria Hornbek Journalist Research dissemination and press contact +4535334368 E-mail
Martin Benny Pedersen Student +4535329080 E-mail
Mette Lindgren Secretary Secretary for the vice deans INDFAK & REJSUD Coordination and organization of events and travel +4535334554 E-mail
Michael Skov Jensen Communications Officer Research dissemination and press contact +4535326573 E-mail
Nele Høgsbro Special Consultant +4535322602 E-mail
Nils Koudahl Communications Officer Recruitment of new students, 3-day study experience programme, Green Campus activities, editor of "Almanakken" and SCIENCE Business Update. +4535324219 E-mail
Pernille Jeppesen Record Staff First level support in WorkZone. Holiday and absence registration in KUPA for all employees in FS. Grant administrator for SCIENCE scholarships +4535332003 E-mail
Rigmor Gavrani Gadegaard Student Administrative support for section staff +4535334613 E-mail
Sanne Juul Nielsen Senior Consultant Head of Life-Long Learning +4535337837 E-mail
Susanne Tang In-house Counsel Legal advice in relation to contracts and cooperation agreements, GDPR, insurance, public access to documents and general legal issues +4551700130 E-mail
Susanne Weibel Senior Consultant Management Committee Services. Series of meetings: Faculty Management SCIENCE Management Team , Faculty Collaboration Committee, Academic Council +4535333056 E-mail
Torben Ingerslev Roug Special Consultant Head of SCIENCE's primary school activities. Coordinator of Festival of Research activities, Dansk Naturvidenskabsfestival, research communication ... +4535333670 E-mail